Ministry Quest is a year-long, two-stage program for high school students ages 16-18 who are curious about exploring God’s call and their potential for ministry and leadership. Ministry Quest partners with the local church, creates a growing community, develops mentoring relationships and utilizes ministry experiences. These values make the program unique and innovative.

STAGE ONE: Charting Your Course (July-December)

The first stage opens with a kick-off intensive retreat (June 23-28, 2013). At the retreat, students gather with others participants from across the country to consider what it means to be “called.” This stage also includes 13 mentoring sessions with a leader from your home church as well as observing your pastor in two distinct ministry settings.

STAGE TWO: Setting Your Sail (January – June)

The second stage focuses on “vocation” and understanding more about yourself, leadership and ministry. This stage includes 13 more mentoring sessions, a significant mission experience. This stage concludes with a closing intensive retreat the following summer in which you are sent out for leadership and ministry.

Costs: Total Cost is $1000 per student plus travel for the entire program. The costs breakdown as follows:

  • $150 per stage (from students)
  • $350 per stage (from home church)

The program receives income from four sources in order to operate: 1) Tabor College; 2) USMB Conference; 3) Participant registrations; and 4) Donor generosity. Costs of the program go toward: 1) the retreats (lodging, food, programing, staffing, vans, fuel, etc.); 2) curriculum development (writing, printing, mailing, etc.); 3) recruiting; 4) advertising; and 5) general operations and scholarships.

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