Pastors & Mentors

Ministry Quest is a year-long, two-stage program for high school students ages 16-18 who are curious about exploring God’s call and their potential for ministry and leadership. Ministry Quest partners with the local church, creates a growing community, develops mentoring relationships and utilizes ministry experiences. These values make the program unique and innovative.

STAGE ONE: Charting Your Course (July-December 2012)

The first stage opens with a kick-off intensive retreat in Denver, Colorado (June 24-28, 2012). At the retreat, students gather with others participants from across the country to consider what it means to be “called.” This stage also includes 13 mentoring sessions with a leader from your home church as well as observing your pastor in two distinct ministry settings.

STAGE TWO: Setting Your Sail (January – June 2013)

The second stage focuses on “vocation” and understanding more about yourself, leadership and ministry. This stage includes 13 more mentoring sessions, a significant mission experience. This stage concludes with a closing intensive retreat the following summer in Denver in which you are sent out for leadership and ministry.

Costs: Total Cost is $1000 per student plus travel for the entire program. The costs breakdown as follows:

  • $150 per stage (from students)
  • $350 per stage (from home church)

The program receives income from four sources in order to operate: 1) Tabor College; 2) USMB Conference; 3) Participant registrations; and 4) Donor generosity. Costs of the program go toward: 1) the retreats (lodging, food, programing, staffing, vans, fuel, etc.); 2) curriculum development (writing, printing, mailing, etc.); 3) recruiting; 4) advertising; and 5) general operations and scholarships.

Program Elements

  • Retreat: The 6-day intensive is designed to help MQ participants who are starting the program hear call stories from others, ask pressing questions, explore what it means to be called by God and discover the ministry to which God is calling them. At the same time, students finishing the program will consider how they can live out God’s call in the context of vocation and be sent out to lead and serve.

Two sets of MQ participants take part in the same annual retreat – those beginning the program and those concluding it. So, the “intensive” both opens and closes the program for MQ participants and the interaction between the two groups has amazing potential for growth.

  • Mentoring Sessions: During both stages students will be paired with a mentor from their church and together they will explore the basics of what it means to follow after Jesus and live out God’s call in leadership and ministry.
  • Ministry Experience: During the second stage (Setting Your Sail) students will engage a significant mission/ministry experience that tests different components of ministry – leadership, care ministry and service.