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The Alumni Association has been organized to support Tabor College as it carries out its mission of “preparing people for a life of learning, work and service for Christ and his kingdom.” Although we appreciate your financial gifts, we realize there are other ways to assist Tabor. You can:

Two ways in which Career Services helps students achieve their highest potential as servants of Christ is by providing quality job search services and career resources and information.

Community Jobs Blog

Tabor College is dedicated to making sure each of its students finds success in the classroom, earns a degree and finds a career that uses the skills they’ve learned after they graduate. We’re also dedicated to helping our alumni find the best jobs to further their careers.

With these things in mind, the Career Services office has posted a list of current job listings for students and alumni at the new Tabor College Career Network. Feel free to search the blog by searching the site for keywords, or by looking in the tags section for words such as “teaching” or “Wichita.”

You may subscribe to the blog through an RSS reader or email and be updated as soon as new positions are added.

We hope you find this new tool to be a valuable resource as you seek to glorify the Lord with your career. For more information contact Daneen or call 620-947-3121 ext. 1223.

Employers who would like to recruit from the Tabor constituency may email their job postings to Daneen.

Check out the Tabor College Career Network

Online Resume Builder

  • Resume Builder assists you to create an effective and professional resume by providing expert tips, writing examples, and helpful suggestions. The software also comes with a cover letter builder, thank you letter builder and more.
  • For all first time and returning students, visit the resume builder now. You can also login directly from Resume Companion and access the resume builder using your university issued email address. We will gladly assist you in the Office of Student Success. Contact Daneen at with questions.