Studio Art Details

Departmental Statement

The Art and Design Department offers a rigorous art foundation program investigating the fundamental visual principles of composition, color, and drawing, along with a survey of art history and aesthetic theory. The skills and thought processes developed by students in the foundation program will form the basis for thoughtful work throughout their lives as artists and designers.

Major Overview

  • Freshman: Acquisition of drawing and composition skills. Learning of visual elements and art history.
  • Sophomore: Learning of fundamentals of composition, color theory, and advanced drawing skills.
  • Junior: Exploration of traditional fine art media and modern media (materials, techniques and process), and history/philosophy of art making.
  • Senior: Development of an individual theme and preparation of an art exhibit and art portfolio.

Strengths of the Program

All courses are taught from a Christian worldview. It is our mission to develop Christian artists who reflect Christ to the world through their life and work.

Our department provides ample opportunities for students to work in close contact with faculty members to develop a sensitive eye and valuable artistic skills. We limit foundation studio courses to 15 students to insure maximum student-teacher contact. Upper-division courses rarely top 10 students and, with longer class times, extended consultation with a professor is a common experience.

The current faculty is very active in art making, exhibiting her work nationally and internationally. She has been privileged to receive numerous awards from various international competitions. It is unique to find an individual with such a distinguished background in the arts teaching at a small private Christian college.