Psychology Details


The mission of Tabor College Department of Psychology is to prepare students for a lifetime of integrative faith, critical thought, and open inquiry in the broad field of psychological science, equipping them to serve Christ as they serve others.

Upon completion of this program students will:

  1. Acquire a broad-based foundation of knowledge in psychological science.
    1. identify the various sub-fields of psychology
    2. recognize the multifaceted scope of what it means to be human
    3. deduce the strengths and weaknesses of psychology as science and art
  2. Demonstrate critical thinking skills relating to psychological theory and practice, along with the integration of Christian faith.
    1. compare and contrast philosophical assumptions of psychological science
    2. appraise the scientific validity of psychological constructs
    3. assess systems and theories of psychology in light of a theistic worldview
  3. Develop and display personal and professional preparation for future educational and vocational opportunities.
    1. defend the compatibility of psychological science and Christian theism
    2. employ beginning levels of social science research
    3. demonstrate the art of psychology in helping people