Within this Philosophy minor, students will have the opportunity to enter into an intellectual conversation with some of the greatest minds in western history about some of the issues that are most important to human beings.

Our Mission

In the context of Christian community, the Philosophy program models and teaches rigorous reading and thinking about the ideas which shape modern life and culture. The program explores basic ideas about human persons and their place in the world, the nature and existence of God, fundamental issues in morality and aesthetics. The department pays attention both to historical voices and contemporary voices.

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Philosophy Faculty

David S. Faber – Ph.D.

Contact the Philosophy Department

Department Head: David S. Faber, Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Department Phone: 620-947-3121 ext. 1076
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Philosophy Careers

Some Tabor College philosophy majors have pursued a Ph.D. in philosophy at top tier graduate schools. Other TC philosophy majors have pursued graduate work in psychology, political science,library science and english. Some TC philosophy majors have attended law school; others have attended medical school; still others have attended seminary. Finally, some TC philosophy majors have entered the work force in areas such as computer science, politics, and journalism.

A Success Story

Jennifer Stutzman Rodriguez, who came to Tabor from Kalispell, Montana went on to receive an M.A. in Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. While at UWM she had a paper honored as the best graduate paper in philosophy at UWM. She also received a University fellowship at UWM. Currently, she is completing a philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, one of the top graduate programs in philosophy in the U.S.