International Studies Course Requirements


  • Departmental General Education Requirements:
    HI 161-G World Civilizations II: 4 hours
    Three Units of High School Credit in One Language OR Two Semesters of College Credit in One Language OR Demonstrate Foreign Language Proficiency: 0-8 hours
  • Core Courses:
    CO 201-G Intercultural Communication: 3 hours
    GEO 160-G World Geography: 3 hours
    PS/EC 340-G Political and Economic Ideologies: 4 hours
    PS 350 International Relations: 4 hours
    SO 115-G Cultural Anthropology: 3 hours
    TOTAL HOURS 21-29
  • Electives:
    Choose two courses from the following:
    EN 316 World Literature: 3 hours
    HI 381 Modern Europe, 1914 to Present : 2 hours
    PS 345 Comparative Politics: 4 hours
    PS 360 Politics and the Developing World: 4 hours
    RS 330-G Religions of the World: 3 hours
    RS 348-G Christian Missiology: 3 hours
    SO 212 Family Life Across Cultures: 3 hours
    SO 340 Social Change and Development : 3 hours
    Approved ACCK or Transfer Credits: 0-8 hours
  • International Experience: 8 hours
    This requirement can be met in one of three ways:
    1. Two international interterm trips
    2. A summer assignment
    3. An academic semester assignment, coordinated with the Christian College Coalition, MBM/S, or some other study group.


  • Upper-level hours in major: 16
  • Minimum cumulative Tabor GPA: 2.0

Notes: Students are strongly urged to combine the International Studies Major with a second major that provides vocational skills or plan on acquiring a Master’s degree. General education courses required in the International Studies major can serve a dual purpose, counting for both general education credit and the major.