Chemistry Details

Chemistry Mission Statement

Science is the study of natural phenomena. It is the method which is used to answer questions by reasoning and systematic analysis of data. Through the study of the natural and mathematical sciences the student gains a better understanding of the natural world and thus a broader perspective for the integration of faith and learning.

Our Mission

To excellently prepare students to serve in scientific careers in industry, education, or health professions. To glorify God in the study of His creation and help students explore the intersection of faith and science.

In this major, students are able to work closely with professors and have opportunities for research and working as lab assistants. Our graduates are excellently prepared for a career or graduate school. Students have opportunities for hands-on use of most major chemical instrumentation.

Alumni Quote

“My education at Tabor gave me the solid foundation that was essential to my success in graduate school and beyond. The personal mentorship that I received at Tabor was key to my academic and spiritual growth. When I arrived at graduate school I found that my Tabor education had prepared me as well as or better than my peers.” – Dr. Jenny Razak, (g’97), Pharmaceutical industry, Kansas City