Course Descriptions

Below are the EML major courses required for the Master of Arts in Entrepreneurial Ministry Leadership.

BRS 508 International Advance
This class will involve a 10-14 day experience in a location TBA. Students will spend time in another culture and by so doing will also better understand their own culture. This course will include pre and post reading and assignments in addition to the time on retreat. Students will also set personal and learning goals for the coming year.

BRS 509 Interpreting Culture
The course will help Christian leaders to:
  • identify the different ways “culture” has been understood by Christians throughout the history of the church
  • clarify the distinctions and relationships between gospel, culture, kingdom of God, and church
  • assess different approaches to culture in light of Scripture and their effectiveness in helping the church fulfill its mission
  • discern those aspects of culture that build communities characterized by shalom, and those that represent idolatries and expressions of worldliness
  • become more culturally aware, and more sensitive and critical interpreters of culture
  • develop skills in contextualizing the gospel

BRS 510 Faculty Mentor
Students will work with a faculty mentor to design their own course of study dependent on the students’ individual learning goals and outcomes. The faculty mentor will assign and evaluate coursework for this class each term.

BRS 511 Reflective Practice (The Guild)
Students will work together throughout the semester to share learning and insights with the rest of the cohort. Using reflective practice and case-study, personal and professional insights will be shared.

BRS 512 The Church and Mission
This course explores the biblical theme of God’s reign as the key message announced by Jesus in his person and work. It also integrates the theme of God’s reign in Jesus with an understanding of the mission of the Triune God in all of creation as carried out through the church in the power of the Spirit. A general framework for understanding a missiological ecclesiology will be developed and then applied to a specific cultural setting, North America.

BRS 513 The Person and Work of a Leader
Leadership is being resulting in doing. Students will explore who they are as a leader and what kind of leadership activities are required to be effective leaders. Included in this is an understanding of their personal strengths, the practice of emotional intelligence, and the various internal and external forces and experiences that shape ones character.

BRS 514 Project Management
In this practical course, students will learn the steps necessary to see a project through from idea to completion to evaluation. Students will practice these steps in their local context.

BRS 515 Spiritual Formation
This course will use the resources of contemporary and historical spiritual practices to grow in understanding and faith. It will involve personal retreat days as well as guided assignments from a Spiritual Director.

BRS 516 Entrepreneurial Leadership
This course will explore issues of leadership and followership around the theme of entrepreneurial Christian ministry.

BRS 517 Creativity, Innovation and Change
Students will explore what it means to be creative and innovative in the context of a ministry setting.

BRS 518 Major Project
Students will design, create, implement, and evaluate an entrepreneurial ministry project in their local context.

BRS 519 Ministry-based Conflict and Leadership
This course will focus on the special complexity of conflict in churches and the options for responding constructively. Special attention will be given to the role of structures and leadership in managing and resolving conflict. Primary attention will be directed to comparing and contrasting options with biblical material.

BUS 510 Ethical Leadership in Dynamic Organizations
This course investigates current theories and research on leadership, including leading change in organizations. Emphasis is placed on development of leadership skills and qualities such as ethical leadership, ethics in business, accountability in government, respect for human rights, communication, relationship building, and a responsible lifestyle in our contemporary world. Strategies for change including using crises, promoting vision, developing empowerment, and building consensus will be discussed.

BRS 520 Future Studies
This course will focus on how leaders understand and prepare for the future. Another component of the course will be future trends and how to effectively discern the good from the bad.

BRS 521 Communication Skills
Students will learn skills necessary for a leader in order to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing. Maintaining and evaluating an online presence will also be covered.

BRS 522 Spiritual Formation Advance
Students will gather for 7-10 days in a location TBD. The primary focus will be personal development, spiritual growth, and setting personal and learning goals for the coming year.

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