Tabor College Students Spend Day Serving

February 06, 2014

Categories: General News

Tabor College President, Dr. Jules Glanzer made the decision to cancel classes Wednesday, February 5 and designate the day as “Serve Day.”

The purpose of giving the students the day off was to encourage them to care for the people in the community. About 100 students, faculty and staff bundled up, braved the cold weather and shoveled snow for the Hillsboro residents.

“Our mission is to serve others and help people in need,” said Glanzer. “The Hillsboro community needed us to shovel snow for them, so that’s exactly what we did today.”

Groups of two or more went door to door from sun up to sun down, shoveling snow on sidewalks, driveways and off of cars for those not able to do it for themselves. Glanzer helped organize a similar event three years ago when the community was blanketed with snow.

“People will remember our students coming out to help them in a time of need,” said Glanzer. “It’s special because our students get a life lesson on a day when they are not sitting in the classroom.”

The students seemed to enjoy their opportunity to serve others, despite the cold temperatures.

“I just love that we were challenged, as a school, to be able to serve and given the opportunity to go out into the community, rather than sitting in our dorms wasting our day away,” said Beth Nesser, a sophomore from Florence, Kan.

“It was very meaningful. I love serving,” said Catherine Christie, a freshman from Colorado Springs, Colo. “It was nice to have an opportunity to live out the Tabor values and being a decidedly Christian school, we need to love our neighbors.”

View photos from the event.