Tabor welcomes largest freshmen class and new students in recent history

September 19, 2013

Categories: General News

Enrollment numbers for freshmen and new students are at a historic high this year, according to registrar Deanne Duerksen, who released the figures following the 20 day of classes. Duerksen recorded 246 new students of which 159 are freshmen, 59 transfers and 28 high school and guest students.

This year, Tabor welcomed 736 students at its two campuses. The Hillsboro campus recorded 600 students taking classes, including high school students enrolled for dual credit. The Tabor College Wichita campus recorded 136 students enrolled, including graduate and undergraduate students. After five years of record enrollments at both campuses, Tabor graduated 194 students in May 2013, which was recorded as the largest in the history of the college.

President Jules Glanzer praised the announcement.

“Every student that comes to Tabor is a gift from God. They have been given to us to influence, shape and mold and then go forth to make the world the way God intended it to be,” he said. “I am so thankful to God for blessing us with these students. I am grateful for all those who worked hard to bring in students this year.”

Rusty Allen, vice president for enrollment management and intercollegiate athletics, noted this year’s enrollment was the result of many hours of a dedicated team of admissions counselors, coaches and administrators who are passionate about the Tabor College mission, and have been able to share that message effectively with prospective students.

“Our team firmly believes in what we do at Tabor College and the transformation that happens here,” Allen said. “We are excited to have 600 young people at our Hillsboro institution to shape, transform, educate and send out to make a real difference in the world for God.”

Marlene Pietrocola, interim vice president, dean of adult and graduate studies and nursing program chair at Tabor College Wichita, joins the excitement regarding the future of the college.

“Tabor College School of Adult and Graduate Studies continues with solid enrollments in our nursing RN – BSN program,” she said. “The future of our graduate programs is most promising as endeavors to expand and grow are our highest priority.”

Glanzer also noted that it was a concerted effort to make the numbers a reality.

“The enrollment management team, along with the coaches under the leadership of Rusty Allen has worked hard to bring about this year’s enrollment. Recruitment is everyone’s business—faculty, staff, student life and facilities—everyone has played an important part.”

“We are blessed with our enrollment this year and are thrilled that we have the opportunity to impact more lives that can go into the world and influence it to be more of what God intended it to be.”