Lifelong Learning Schedule

Lifelong Learning Schedule – Spring ‘15 Series

February 20
“The Plight of the Palestinian Christians”
Speaker: Larry Nikkel – former President of Tabor College, joined by Tim and Donna Sullivan
In 2014, Larry Nikkel was part of a delegation to Israel. This delegation had a twofold purpose. First, they visited several historical biblical sites. Secondly, they had an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the plight of the Palestinian Christians. Join us as he shares about his experiences and insights he gained as a part of this delegation.

March 6
“Top 10 Decisions to Make Sooner Rather Than Later”
Speaker: Jon Wiebe
Many of us have a tendency to put off the important decisions we need to make later in life because they are often difficult to deal with. But, issues like: downsizing, estate representative, health care, inheritance, family matters and long-term care insurance, will not go away. We will attempt to break down some of the key decisions all of us need to make and give practical suggestions for moving forward.

March 20
“Parables of Hope”
Speaker: Alicia Snyder
Alicia Snyder is a young author from Wichita, Kansas who has recorded seventeen heart-warming true stories in her book, “Parables of Hope.” The inspiration for this book flowed from her love of God and the world He has made. Each detail of daily life reminds her of Him: from the focused perseverance of a mother hen—which challenges us to love Him with undistracted determination—to the grains of Kansas wheat that teach us to lose our lives so others can live and grow. Listen as she shares her experiences that led to the writing of this book. Find out how this book has changed and inspired her. Copies of her book will be available for purchase.

April 3
“Connecting With Teens in a Twitter World”
Speaker : Wendell Loewen
The face of adolescence is changing. Teens aren’t getting much help answering the questions of adolescence. Who am I? How do I fit? Do I matter? Feeling abandoned, teenagers now journey across a new adolescent landscape. This session will help parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts see the real world of teens from the inside. Knowing what our teens face will better help us know how to encourage them and pray for their journey.

April 17
“C. S. Lewis, Pearl Harbor and The Rest of the Story”
Speaker: Richard Schroeder
“As a former radio broadcaster, one of my hobbies is to collect historical sounds, i.e., the voices, sound effects and news bulletins going back to the invention of sound recording in the late 19th century,” Schroeder said. “From them, I select people and events and write scripts to tell their stories. As I narrate the scripts and insert the authentic voices, there are no visuals, just theater of the mind, much as past generations heard on the radio before television. I’ve called this presentation ‘C. S. Lewis, Pearl Harbor and The Rest of the Story.’ We’ll hear the actual voice of Lewis as a Christian broadcaster on BBC during the darkest days of the London Blitz. We’ll hear some of the news bulletins about Pearl Harbor. Then we’ll meet a bombardier on one of Jimmy Doolittle’s planes who nearly died as a POW, but forgave his captors and became a 30-year missionary to Japan. We’ll be introduced to the lead Japanese bomber at Pearl Harbor who later became an evangelist. Finally, we’ll tie all the pieces together with the thread of why a loving God allows such intense suffering in the world. It’s 45 minutes of living history with a finale that hopefully will touch not only your memory, but your heart.”

May 1
“Spring into Music and Worship”
Performers: Dr. Sheila Litke, professor of piano at Tabor College, David Martens, professor of contemporary Christian music
Come join us for a time of food and fellowship as we enjoy the talents of Dr. Sheila Litke and David Martens as they share a presentation on worship. Bring a plate of finger food to share as we spring forward into our summer break!

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